What is ToneVampIRe?

ToneVampIRe HD is a collection of impulse responses or "speaker simulations" that will make your guitar sound like a famous song.

This is not your average library with hundreds of raw and very similar sounding impulses!

The idea behind ToneVampIRe is to take the guitar tone of a legendary guitar song and convert it into an impulse response so that you have these great tones playable in your amp simulation.

Why ToneVampIRe?

Each and every one of the 44 impulses is a unique masterpiece. None of them sound alike. Even if you don't know the song the impulse was extracted from, it's still worth listening to it and adding it to your mix. Each one of these tones was created by the masters of their art. And they did it for bands that sold millions of albums.

Can I just put them into my mix?

Of course you can! ToneVampIRe impulses are by definition the most mix ready impulses, since they were extracted from finalized mixes. These tones were painstakingly polished by their producers. Since a ToneVampIRe impulse is a utilization of that tone, it is as polished as well. No need for notching or sweeping nor is equing required. Just play already!

What does the HD mean?

When I started ToneVampIRe in 2010, I didn't have the experience or proper tools, to get the job done right. That's why the older impulses sound dull and lifeless. The HD means that the new impulses are a lot more complex than their predecessors. I used a custom made tool to extract the tones so they will sound in your DAW as pristine and open as the originals.

What do I need?

You need a guitar, an ampsim like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, TH2, Revalver, PodFarm, Poulins stuff or something like that. An impulses loader, which is set behind the ampsim in the signal chain. Don't forgetz to bypass the "cabinet simulation" module of your ampsim!


  1. hello, maybe i am being stupid, but i have no idea how to make these work, i am new to this guitar effects thing. i just got a copy of guitar rig 5 pro and have garageband only. how do i make it work, all i really want is the sound of Tool

    much appreciated


    1. Hey Gary,

      in GR5 pro load up an amp (I recommend the "Ultrasonic") and delete the matched cabinet or any cabinet simulation component. If you have GR5 pro, then you should have the light version of "Reflektor" included. Place Reflektor directly behind the amp. Load the .wav impulse-file of your choice in Reflektor. Done!

      Although I have to say, that I can't provide any good Tool-impulse. The one from ToneVampIRe 1 is great but not stunning like the new HD impulses ;-)

      But there you go...

  2. Hi! First, thanks a lot for this amazing patch. I can't believe how you guys do this for free! Anyway, i'm beginner at amp simulations. I need help and some advice.Which simulation is the best? I heard about guitar rig 5. And what is a impulse loader? How can i add your patch to guitar rig perfectly? Please help! Thanks a lot again! sorry for bad english