Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Your thoughts?

Please comment on whether the impulses and or the presets work for you or not!


  1. Hi there.

    It took a while to have time and come here. How I said before, amazing work, I always had trouble finding a well sounding timbre, I like specific sounding trimbres, a amplifier that sounds in a way that I really appreciate is the mesa boogie dual rectifier, really heavy, but you can hear each note in a 4 notes chord. Anyway, I can't reach this ones with my configurations.

    Most of your tones sound in a way that I like, the ones that I finally found close enough to the my band's first demo. Still, it's not yet as I would like. After a lot of tests with the distortion pedal metal core, from boss, and a direct box to control the impedance, I ended just putting the guitar direct to my external sound card. I have a m-audio fast track pro. I enjoy it's quality, and I think, like I read in most reviews, that it meet the needs of a quality recording.

    Here is my configuration: From my washburn with seymour duncan dimebucker in the bridge, to the m-audio fast track pro, configurated with 48000 hz, 16 bit in it's driver configuration, to the sonar configurated to 48000 hz, 16 bit in it's MME driver, and finally, revalver configurated with 96000 hz. I have some knowledge in recording, I know the thing of multiple frequency to the recording, but I'm still a little layman, am I doing something wrong? Which configuration do you use?
    Thanks a lot again, if you need something, just say it.

    PS: I'm sorry about the long and fucking writing text.

  2. Hey,

    not really sure, what your problem is. The best way for me to help you with anything is, if you sent me a sample of what your tone sounds like and told me how it should sound like. May I ask, why you're using MME and not ASIO? What latency do you get?

  3. Hi, I have a Gibson SG Standard with 498T/490R pickups (I'm plug it in my Line6 POD HD500). I want to copy your sound from your demo sample System of a Down - Toxicity, but the sound is too sharp and ugly. I suspect, trouble in 498T pickup, he still was not created for the metal. Will it help me if I replace the 498t pickup on EMG 81. In live, I do not expect to get such a sound, as I know that the it requires a lot of resources.
    It would be wonderful if you write all the settings of your hardware setup your PODxt(Compressor, etc..), DAW and plug-ins step by step. There will be great if you attach the screenshots and samples. Because on the forum GuitarAmpModeling, you have specified all of the too general. Sorry for my Russian English )) and thank you very for what you do.

  4. Hello, Thanks for your work, very impressive, I did some experiment, and it is very good. Then, you got the IR directly from musics ? How do you do to separate the guitar sound from it? Also, just a curiosity of mine, you extracted it from mp3 coded musics? It is not too low quality? Some times, I think that things extracted from mp3 does not sounds good.

  5. Immensely great work! Huge help for new players - like me, when i discovered your IRs - also. Many thanks for this!
    My only "problem" was with my favorite IR and the initial reason to download the pack: System Of A Down - Toxicity. :( It's my favorite band.
    I've first downloaded the pack because of this IR, and it's a great IR, but it's too bassy; it even clips because of that. The only way i can use it is by removing a lot of the bass with an EQ in between 100kHz and 200kHz. But the problem is that, by doing that, the sound becomes really thin, specially in the clean.
    I only have this problem with this specific IR. All the others works perfectly.
    I know it's not my technique and equipment because all the other IRs works as expected/normally playing the same thing, even when trying different setups.
    When extracting the IR, didn't you extracted an area where the bass guitar was beeing played too, without noticing, and not the others? I know you've extracted from the music Shimmy. I'm just trying to figure it out, as i have little to nothing knowledge in the subject.
    Would really appreciate to have this IR working, your IRs are the best available.
    But anyways, other than that, really appreciate your hard work. Thanks again!