Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

First Demo Patches for Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3, TH2 and Revalver

Here's a close demo of the new ToneVampIRe HD matched impulse responses. I'm proud to present to you the first glimpse of the all nwe ToneVampIRe HD. I tried to match the presets in terms of selected components and amp settings. Thus the amps should react more standardized.

As a demo, I chose the tone from Metallica's smash hit "Enter Sandman" I think everyone knows how this should sound and is therefore able to compare the original to the digital immitation.

ToneVampIRe "Enter Sandman" Demo download

Simply import the patches to your amp sim and place the IR in your IR folder.

...for TH2

If the IR doesn't seem to change the tonal character in any way after loading up the preset, remove and reload the IR module in TH2.

...for Revalver MK III.V

I do not recommend using the Revalver IR module! It messes with the frequencies. I put an IR loader in the external VST loader component after the Amp. 

...for Amplitube 3

Amplitube doesn't have an IR loader component. In order to use the preset properly, the IR needs to be put in a seperate IR loader like leCab, MixIR or something similar. The loader needs to be put after Amplitube in the signal chain.

...for Guitar Rig 5

I used the Reflektor IR loader. Just put the IR in your custom IR folder. If you don't have Reflektor, just do the same I described above for Amplitube.

Please comment!

Please give me your feedback, if these work out for you!


  1. Hi matrix, thanks for the great contribution to the metal community and its followers. I'm a revalver adept, and the late demo wasn't sounding exactly good in my setup, but the new one of Metallica's sandman sounds pretty (except for some adjustments that is needed). There's some prevision of when the System of a Down IR will be released? I don't want to sound like a parasite but I would really enjoy this one. I don't have a credit card, but I really would like to make a donation, is there some other way? Take care, and thanks again.

  2. Hey Dan,

    thanks for your kind words. You're right. I wanted to add the missing Toxicity impulse responses. Unfortunaltely I wanted to wait for the upcoming commercial release of ToneVampIRe HD to include them.

    But what the heck! I put them in the downloads section of the blog.

    Thanks for your intention of donating to me!!! You'd be the first one to do that. There would be a special place in my heart for you :) I don't think a credit card is required. A Paypal account should be fine, too.

    And a happy new year!

  3. Thanks again man, you really don't know how much you've helped.
    I've entered in the paypal site and unfortunately a credit card is needed. Anyway, I don't now how much the "real" (Brazilian money), could really worth for you.
    If there's something that I could do to help you, just say it, I'm making some guitar tests over a year, I've used most of the well know guitar amp simulators, and now I'm making the record of my band's fist EP, everyday I discover something new. I'm kind of lay in more advanced technical terms, but I would be glad in give my contribution.

    Keep up the good work, and have a shiny year.