Dienstag, 11. September 2012

New web location for ToneVampIRe

ToneVampIRe HD beta 0.7 has been released on guitarampmodeling.com

Alright then! It's getting shaped. This is the all new ToneVampIRe blogspot. I will publish all future releases of ToneVampIRe here. The reason why I created this blog is that I can do a lot more stuff here, where I am the administrator. More on this later...


  1. Hello!
    I've downloaded your hd presets bank for the guitar rig, but it happens that the file contained in the rar Is a .bank instead of a .bnk, and I can't import it to my guitar rig.
    I tried to rename it to .bnk and then importing it again, but it was useless nothing happened.
    So I wanna know if you can tell me, how can I import it to my guitar rig 5? Or is it that the extension is wrong and you have to correct it, I don't know.
    Please answer
    Regards :)

  2. Hey Eduardo!

    I'm sorry but you simply can't import this bank into Guitar Rig, since it is made for Revalver.


  3. Hello, dear Matrix! Thank you, thank you very much for your awesome work, really a pleasure to use your impulses. Is there a chance to try your home-made infinite matching EQ? All the matching EQ's on the market are just not precise enough. Also looking forward for HD Deftones impulses, that Around the Fur impulse from version 1 was the best I've ever tried.

  4. matrix151080, please, do surprise, you promised to upload Toxicity IR ))